17-01-23: Routine…

Once you become a writer, and have a book going through the process, I wonder what other writers do each morning.

it’s amazing how you fall into a new routine.

Here’s what I do…I am up and about at around 0700. The first, the very first thing I do is…make coffee. Yes, that coffee addiction has subsided from the crazy amounts I was consuming over 20 years ago, but still, I have to have the caffeine fix before anything else.

Next, home ‘chores’ which for me only means feed the fish! 10 minutes from start to finish.

Then, switch on the laptop, and check emails. I am of course hoping for something from the publisher, as that signifies progress. Next, I check the website for any new subscribers, and forward the newsletters to them if there are. After that, Twitter. There is not so much activity on here as I am still waiting for the go-ahead to post text and images from the publisher. Goodness know why I have to wait…I have asked, There has been no response so far.

Lastly, its Instagram. I have an additional account to the mark.laverack writing-related one (fotomeso) and I check them both. I am posting to both, also.

Not being a slave to media, I am not avidly posting to anything. You see one or maybe 2 blog posts a week, 1 newsletter a month, and occasional posts on the Instagram accounts. There is a real life with real people away from phones, tablets and PC’s!!. I do not want to be controlled by media, like so many are these days, but…I have to balance that with having a media presence to promote the book!

What a dilemma!!

A longer post this time, Thanks for reading to the end. Now…where’s coffee no.2...?

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