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Debut novel
D.I,Tonnick comes up against


A serial killer driven by revenge.

As a child, Liam had never heard of the term ‘serial-killer’ Shy and introverted, he had suffered relentless bullying in his primary school but his teacher did nothing to help. He overcame a series of setbacks in life, including the death of his parents, and managed to put everything behind him as he grew into a mid-twenties man.

However, one final act re-ignited his suppressed emotions and pushed Liam over the edge of reason and into the abyss of revenge. So the killings began, regularly one every month and along the way, Liam picked up the ‘name’ JASON.

Detective Graham Tonnick was used to winning, but the JASON murders presented a new challenge – his team were struggling to crack them. His team were being made to look stupid and his frustration increased with the steadily rising body count.

Then the murders abruptly stopped, only starting again six months later with the next victim particularly close to the detectives.

Just over a year after it started, the team believed the tables had turned and they were finally closing in, but were they, or would Liam once again give them the slip?

Follow up Novel

D.I,Tonnick comes up against

The Help

150 years after the feud started, one family exacted the ultimate retribution on the other.

The Merriman family was alway looking to get ahead – by fair means or foul. The second industrial revolution was a time for innovation and if you were in the right place, handsome profits and even great wealth.

The perfect opportunity presented itself, and they knew just who would take the fall for them to profit handsomely. The Fields – hard working and honest,and with some wealth already, they had focussed on traditional industry and farming. The revolution was passing them by

Lured into a pact with the Merrimans, they ended up losing much of their wealth and standing in the community, and also were swindled out of their share in the joint enterprise. The Merrimans profited and came into huge wealth and prestige, while the Field family were left with almost nothing.

Fast-forward to the present day. The history was old but for the older Field family members the memory was still fresh and still raw. They were cheated and something should be done.

One younger Field took up the challenge, and began a spree of retribution with terrifying consequences for the Merriman family, whilst all the time battling personal confusion and fighting the demons within

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