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Random facts about me

  • Born in Manchester, UK
  • I still hope to climb Machu Picchu one day..
  • Avid travel and portrait photographer
  • International fly fisherman with 30 years experience
  • Married and living in South-East Asia
  • Would love to cycle along the great wall of China
Mark Laverack

My journey to the book

My professional life could not be further removed from the world of books and writing and yet… it has somehow prepared me for the book that I knew I would one day write.

My career developed into a management role covering 20% of the UK and I was employed by that company for a total of 25 years.

I then embarked on what was initially planned as a sojourn to Abu Dhabi in the Middle East. 14 years and 2 other Middle East countries later, I took early retirement due to an advancing chronic medical condition.

By that time, I had travelled to 35 countries and met hundreds of interesting people. In addition to the rich cultures, particularly in Dubai, I had gained a wealth of direct experiences from my travels.

My biggest writing project up until my debut novel was my blow-by-blow account of my home build in Thailand. Over 350,000 views to date (Read about it here). This was followed up by my website with further detail and support for the blog posts (Thai House Build)

I have called upon my experiences while writing my novel, JASON. My life observations, race and cultural awareness and global location knowledge have been interwoven into the chapters to generate some rich detail within the narrative.

My Timeline


I arrive into this world


My family moved south, breaking away from the extended family in the north of England. My father was the youngest of 14, my mother was an only child.

As a result of the move, the family relationship with them was never the same again and I saw little of my extended family.


My parents shipped me off to Wellington School in Somerset. Boarding school was a shock to the system, but I came out of it 8 years later a stronger and more independent teenager.

Although I was not to know it at the time, a couple of the friends I made there but lost touch with have in 2022 reconnected and nearly 45 years later, have assisted me with research for the debut novel!


My first job, working for a company producing building materials that ultimately I would stay with for 25 years.

During that 25 years I married and had 2 fabulous children.


I had progressed through that same company and in 1999 I started my second career with them, HSE.

I was encouraged by my father, who liked all things to do with words and books, to consider writing at least one book, to show I could do it and as he put it, to ‘leave a legacy’ even if it was only within the family.

My mother too encouraged me to ‘follow my dream’ if it was writing and to produce something.

Sadly, my father passed away from an inoperable brain tumour in 1998, a source of support and encouragement now gone forever.


By now I was in a regional position with that company.

Notice how, up until this point, there is no mention of me actually writing or discussing book ideas!? Of course, I wrote reports, summaries and evaluations and they were always well-received. Quite simply, I thought about book-writing but there was never time to do it.

I had one more amazing child in this time, making three altogether.

I finally left that original company and worked for two other firms in the UK.


An opportunity to move to Abu Dhabi presented itself. I was looking for a new start after divorce, and so started the Middle East chapter of my life.

Initially I planned for a year, two at the most, but one thing led to another and ultimately, I stayed for fourteen years!

Several times in the period, I thought again about writing.
I even had ideas for a book. I jotted notes down, meaning to develop them later.


I moved to Qatar, as part of my Middle East adventure, living in Doha


I moved to Oman, living in Salalah. As with my time in Qatar, I met many interesting people – some who became good friends, and sampled many different cultures.

The Middle East experience opened my eyes to so much more of the world.


I missed the many friends I had made in UAE and I moved back to Abu Dhabi.


While still in Abu Dhabi, I flew back to Bangkok and married my fiancé on the 30th December of this year.


The final part of my trip to the Middle East was when I moved to Dubai.

The house-build in Thailand commenced. I project-managed it from afar, with my wife managing the day to day issues on site.

After all this time since my father passed away I still had not put pen to paper to write a book, even though the desire was as strong as ever.


At the age of 91, my dear mother passed away peacefully in her home in the UK.

I was able to be there, and later again for the funeral. It is a sobering feeling to realise that you are now the oldest of the Laveracks and the head of the family.

The help and advice I so often called upon from both my parents was now no longer available. I had some big shoes to fill.

This was the last time I was in the UK.


My time in Dubai was finishing and I made preparations to go home just as COVID hit the world.

By now I had been based in Thailand, not UK, for eight years. I went home to my wife (and her two daughters) and the house I had built.

With this new found time on my hands, I finally set up a home office, switched on my laptop, and for the first time… I started to write.

Just notes and ideas and not in earnest, but still, career number three had begun!


There was much to do to make the new house into a home, but in May, I started writing the manuscript that would become the novel, ‘JASON’.

I embarked on building a kitchen, and a dressing room fit-out to the principal bedroom.

I also made a start on turning the jungle of overgrowth outside into a tropical garden.


Debut novel – JASON – accepted for publication

The manuscript for JASON was completed in June of this year! Then the querying process started.

In October of this year, I had an offer for publication, and the whole process of turning a manuscript into a novel (and hopefully a best-seller) began.

Of course, this has spurred me to work on the next manuscript, one of three I currently have under development.

As a family, we became rubber farmers, duck farmers and fish farmers this year. With an acre of garden, we need to start the mini zoo, in addition to the bananas, papaya, mangoes, chillies and various salad veggies that are already growing!

Home-wise, we are preparing for the festive period and have just purchased a new solid teak dining table and 12 chairs in readiness for family get-togethers.