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I believe that you are never too old to become an author.

If Colonel Harland Sanders can start his ‘little chicken enterprise’ at the age of 65, I can sure have a go at book writing! I am in good company, too. Frank McCourt, Octavio Solis and Laura Ingalis Wilder were all debut authors at 60 or older!

It’s funny how life’s twists and turns can open new doors. Without that chronic health condition and early retirement, I may never have had the courage to start writing. Although I had wanted to do it for so long, other things always got in the way, until that point. Now with time on my hands, I could finally sit down in front of my writing and research screens and write.

My debut novel, JASON is the start of my 3rd career.

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11 July 2024So…some may have noticed I have not posted for a month. I have not stopped or given up. I have been seriously ill with a bad bacterial infection. It really laid me up and I STILL have not recovered. 3 hospital visits and a ton of powerful meds and I have turned the corner but still there is some way to go. It also slowed the book writing down. Today is the first day I have felt strong enough to do anything on the manuscript. I have been adding in all the useful BETA reader comments to update everything. I have also now, finally got a great way to complete murder no. 9 hehe sounds so sinister, right!? I will therefore be writing that chapter next. Two more murders to complete and then the first of my massive ‘whole book’ edits and revisions. That’s in the future but for now…I’m recovering slowly and will try to resume more regular posts here now that I am more mobile and not flat out in bed. [...] Read more...
1 June 2024It’s been month since I did a blog post. That’s how it goes, sometimes. In truth, I have had a 4-week break from writing. I had some other things to do, yes,but I needed a re-set, too. Writing is not a hard labour prison sentence! You are allowed to stop for a while when ever you want. I did just that. Of course, if you have deadline pressure, stopping is more difficult, and if you want to finish the manuscript (I do) then it won’t write itself – every ‘break’ you take puts the finish back a bit. There’s another way to look at it, though. You come back refreshed, eager to resume the writing. Your mind is free from previous concerns and distractions. Who’s to say that in this state of mind you won’t write more lucidly and more…words!? Anyway, I’m back on it, now. I just completed a chapter containing 4 murders and I was a little overwhelmed by it, in part this is why I took the break. I am 68,000 words in, so another 20,000 or so to go! Wish me luck! [...] Read more...
11 April 2024So last month, I told you that I got to 55,000 words on The Help. I’m fairly happy with that, and I have a lot more in my head that needs to be ‘got down’ on the pages of my Work-in-Progress (WiP). The story is developing exactly as I hoped, and with 5 murder incidents in the bag, so to speak, I am about halfway on the total body count! The next incident will feature more than one death, and I am pondering/weighing up the most plausible, dramatic and, for me the most important…believable way it will happen. This led to a halt in the writing as I researched various options and the factual content that went with them. yes…the writing stopped, at just about 60,000 words were completed. I have not written anything for 10 days. No…not ‘writer’s block’. I know what I want to write but I’m still finalising how the deed will be done. As I have said before…there is a life outside writing and I have been catching up with some of those things while I have this lull in the proceedings. I actually think it’s quite healthy to completely stop every so often. re-set the batteries. Live real life. enjoy new experiences away from the office and the screen. come back in a clear frame of mind to continue the story. Anyway, I have the method of death, now. Writing will be resumed! [...] Read more...

The story of


I started writing JASON 18 months ago, but I had the idea for the book for two years before that.

I wanted a down to earth main character not some ‘superhero’. I’m sure many readers will relate to him. Wronged for much of his early life eventually it all become too much and revenge was in the air, and so the book was born.

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