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I believe that you are never too old to become an author.

If Colonel Harland Sanders can start his ‘little chicken enterprise’ at the age of 65, I can sure have a go at book writing! I am in good company, too. Frank McCourt, Octavio Solis and Laura Ingalis Wilder were all debut authors at 60 or older!

It’s funny how life’s twists and turns can open new doors. Without that chronic health condition and early retirement, I may never have had the courage to start writing. Although I had wanted to do it for so long, other things always got in the way, until that point. Now with time on my hands, I could finally sit down in front of my writing and research screens and write.

My debut novel, JASON is the start of my 3rd career.

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11 November 2023A each year passes, there are less veterans from our past conflict in two World Wars. Those who fought for our freedom and way of life. The 11th of November, Poppy Day in the UK, offers a chance to thank those who fought and gave their lives so we could be free.Many gone, but never forgotten. [...] Read more...
31 October 2023Yes…at last! The book cover is completed, finished and approved. It took a bit longer than I hoped it would but we got there in the end. I will update the book cover image for the books section for ‘JASON’ to show the final version. So now, there is nothing left to do but release the book and sell it! Haha let the games begin… [...] Read more...
9 October 2023…only…this is not some fictitious storyline. A week ago, my wife’s nephew was involved in a motorbike accident, which left him fighting for life with massive internal injuries. There was to be no happy ending though, and he sadly died later that day. Thailand is notorious for RTA’s and especially involving those on motorbikes. A lack of training. Lack of awareness. Lack of a safety helmet in most cases, A general feeling that motorbike is ‘just like a pedal bike’, like a toy, prevail. Often 2, 3 and even 4 up on the bike, There is little chance of escaping with no injury if a bike accident occurs. Crazy car drivers only add to the consequences if and when there is a collision. Except… He was trained. He was wearing a safety helmet. He was not carrying passengers, and he was aware of the road. He died quite simply because…he was going a little bit too fast and lost control, colliding with another motorbike. He lost his life but the other rider got off almost scot free. Such is the danger, and terrible unfairness of using a motor vehicle in Thailand. He didn’t deserve to die. He was just 23 year old. R.I.P Kong. Writing this, and thinking back made me realise that I have now experienced 3 generations of death in this family. Joy’s Mum passed away with old age, her brother succumbed to stomach cancer at 31 years old and now this incident with her brother’s son. In each case, the 5 or 6 days in the Temple makes you really reflect on life, and what is important. Stay sharp everyone and dont put off seeing the doctor if you have any health concerns. None of us knows what is just around the corner, so live your life to the fullest and never forget your loved ones. [...] Read more...

The story of


I started writing JASON 18 months ago, but I had the idea for the book for two years before that.

I wanted a down to earth main character not some ‘superhero’. I’m sure many readers will relate to him. Wronged for much of his early life eventually it all become too much and revenge was in the air, and so the book was born.

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