08-01-24: Book release day confirmed!!!

Yes…things moving rapidly, now. My debut novel, JASON, has an official release date – 25th January 2024. Both the publicity department of the publisher and myself are working full tilt on all the associated promotion to make sure the book launch is as successful as it can be. Oh…there is now, also a pre-order link: […]

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30-12-23 2024 is almost upon us!

The year is drawing to a close. I have everything to look forward to in 2024. Book2, ‘The Help’ will be completed, and at the end of January, my debut novel, JASON will be released! In other words, I will transition from aspiring writer to published author! I can’t wait!! To all out there with

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12-08-23: When 2 becomes 3…

Thousand, that is… Yes, I just clicked past 3,000 followers on Twitter (or is it ‘X’, now!?). Seems like only a month ago I was reporting 2,000, and that’s because…it is. My followers are really growing at a rate of around 1,000 per month. This equates to a phenomenal follower increase in the timescale. Some

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09-05-23: So close…

…to 1,000. Huh? 1,000 what? Twitter. So close to 1,000 followers! Considering that, 1 month ago, I only had 9 followers, I’m a bit overwhelmed. Some big names amongst those authors that are following me. I’m hoping this kicks on now towards 2,000..3,000…5,000..who knows!? Some Twitter authors have 20 or 30k of followers and more.

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