23-01-23: Out with the old and in with the new…

After finishing the Edited manuscript review, I had a day away from writing altogether. My renewed passport was ready for collection in BKK.

This is actually an epic to collect. A long drive and then at the end, a stressful drive in Bangkok centre. Then trying to remember where the building is (GPS last time took us to the edge of the Klong, not in the building vicinity at all!).

Then we had to hope there was enough parking (there was) and the lifts were working (thankfully, they were!) and then a queue to actually get in front of the passport office staff.

Then there was a very pleasant 10 minutes while their 5-star staff dealt with the passport cancellation and replacement passport issue, together with the form for the Thai Immigration re the visa transfer. The passport replacement service really is excellent.

Then another monumental battle out of BKK centre and a long drive home.

Along the way I managed to avoid 3 near motorbike collisions, 1 pig-headed taxi driver and 1 kamikaze truck mixer, who was trying to invent a traffic lane where none existed!. Oh, and 1000’s of pedestrians, all walking about with phones in hands and heads bowed, and not looking at the road they were wandering across.

It really took it out of me and I was stressed out, tired and with a big headache by the time I reached home.

Maybe… I can justify coffee number 2, today…!!

Its back on with manuscript 2 tomorrow.

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