12-01-23: Reviewing the edited review…

The publisher returned my manuscript after the proof reading had been completed.

My instruction was to go over the edits and make a note if I disagreed with any of the changes. I could additionally make my own further changes if, on reflection, the book text could be improved.

The timescale for this was four weeks.

I am over 50% completed, and I have 4 A4 sheets of corrections, notes and disagreements with the proof reader. That’s probably not a good thing but she missed some context in making her changes and that needs to be put back as was..

I should complete this exercise within the 4-weeks.

5 thoughts on “12-01-23: Reviewing the edited review…”

  1. Оксана Волков

    Ух ты! Столько отзывов! Вот почему процесс такой долгий.

    Желаю вам удачи в этом романе и во многих других!

    Хороший сайт.

    1. Спасибо большое, Оксана!
      Приятно знать, что мой сайт видят во всем мире.
      Наслаждайтесь просмотром содержимого моего сайта!!

      …and for my English readers… what I said was:
      Thanks, Oxana!
      It’s great that my website reaches all parts of the world.
      Do enjoy ‘reviewing’ my posts!

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