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30-12-23 2024 is almost upon us!

The year is drawing to a close. I have everything to look forward to in 2024. Book2, ‘The Help’ will be completed, and at the end of January, my debut novel, JASON will be released! In other words, I will transition from aspiring writer to published author! I can’t wait!! To all out there with […]

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09-10-23: Tragedy strikes the family…

…only…this is not some fictitious storyline. A week ago, my wife’s nephew was involved in a motorbike accident, which left him fighting for life with massive internal injuries. There was to be no happy ending though, and he sadly died later that day. Thailand is notorious for RTA’s and especially involving those on motorbikes. A

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09-10-23: Why do you want a murder for…?

Because the storyline calls for a lot of murders, and this one, number four, is the next one to be developed. It fits neatly between the one I just completed, number three and the one to come after…number five!! While I wait for the book cover to be finalised, I am on with book 2.

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02-09-23: Once again…suddenly…nothing happened!

OK we have been here before. The waiting. The wondering. The ‘it’s out of my hands’ with the book cover design. I passed my comment and now… silence. Hopefully, something will come back before too long! That’s ‘JASON’ but that’s not my only book. I have been working a lot on ‘The Help’ and finally

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28-06-23: Distractions…Mission Lasagne!!

Interestingly, I had a couple of requests on Twitter for the Lasagne recipe and it would take too long to post it there with the word count limit, so…errr…here it is! Simple Lasagne IngredientsPasta sheetsMinced meat – your choiceFinely diced onions (1 onion)Tomato puree (In the tin, or blend up fresh tomatoes). About 50% of

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