08-08-23: Calling Mark Laverack! WTF are you!?

…I’m here!

OK it has been a very long time since the last post…sorry ’bout that!

I have been suffering with Dengue Fever – it really laid me up with no outside activity, no writing, either for ‘The Help’ or this blog, and no ‘JASON’ book pushing to get the cover sorted out and get it ..y’know…published! In fact it’s been a non-eventful 4 weeks but thankfully I am fully recovered and now back in the saddle, and motoring on with everything.

The good bit of news is that my Twitter (or is it now ‘X’) account continues to grow. I passed 2,000 followers about a month ago and am now approaching…3,000 followers! this growth is nothing short of meteoric and several fellow authors have complimented me on my rise (and asked what I was doing right!). If you have not already, please follow me on Twitter. @marklaverack.

I got the confirmation from the publisher that my final manuscript draft, now fully reviewed and corrected, had been accepted. I signed off on it (those following on Instagram will have seen the certificate) and they sent me the book cover design to comment on. I have a few suggestions – bolder colouring on the book title lettering, make the background image a bit sharper, if possible and add the tag-line ‘…over the edge of reason and into the abyss of revenge.” on the cover.

Part of me thinks there maybe a better cover design, but I will pass my comments and also ask if there was any other design before making a decision on the book cover . The other thing is… the main police character in ‘JASON’, as most of you know, is D.I. Graham Tonnick. He also features in my follow-up novel – the one I am working on now. I wonder if we should be making a point about that? ‘A DI Graham Tonnick tale‘ or ‘DI Graham Tonnick meets...’ (JASON, or The Help). this could be a banner line just above the book title.

Right! That’s it for this one. I am alive (just) and kicking.
Work continues now in earnest on ‘The Help’. Things are starting to come together for this novel – just this week I sorted out the family names for the two warring dynasties – the Merrimans and the Fields. I also started to give various family members actual names rather that victim1, grandmother2, cousin4 and a lot of ‘xxxx’ and ‘yyyy’ for the last names. It makes it more of a story when you can actually name the person you are about to murder – Zak Merriman….you know who you are!! But…James Field and Jamie Meadows…well…that’s a different story altogether…

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