12-08-23: When 2 becomes 3…

Thousand, that is…

Yes, I just clicked past 3,000 followers on Twitter (or is it ‘X’, now!?). Seems like only a month ago I was reporting 2,000, and that’s because…it is. My followers are really growing at a rate of around 1,000 per month. This equates to a phenomenal follower increase in the timescale. Some writers/authors have achieved the same numbers, but in 2, 3 or 5 YEARS. I have achieved it in 3.5 month but it’s actually better because for the best part of the first month, I was stuck on 10 followers only!

My amazing follower increase prompted one fellow author, himself following me, to ask ‘how I did it?’. Part of it is me putting myself out there and partly is people who saw the website and were intrigued with me and the book. Whatever the reason or reasons, I am grateful. I hope anyone reading this blog post will be inspired to follow me on Twitter, too.

Next stop…5,000 followers!

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