29-05-23: Time is the enemy…

Well… Time seems to be ticking past and not much is happening. I explained previously that JASON was in its final review stage, meaning the editing is largely done, and now it is out with the final BETA Readers for a last review.

But its taking time. Seems like a lot of time. It’s not necessarily too much, but its that moment when I cannot ‘do’ anything. I finished my final review days ago – 15 comments amendments, but now I am in the hands of others to complete THEIR reviews!

While I complete this part of the JASON journey, I cannot focus on ‘The Help’ so that is on hold until I submit the final review.

Tick tock tick tock.. lol I am in such a rush to get published…

2 thoughts on “29-05-23: Time is the enemy…”

  1. What’s Happening!
    I’m new to this, I stumbled upon this I’ve discovered It absolutely
    useful and it has aided me out loads. I am hoping to write a book too – your site has encouraged me – thanks.
    Great job

    1. Hi Leta!

      If it has encouraged you to try your hand at writing something, I am very happy.

      Keep reading to follow my journey to publishing my debut novel, and good luck in your endeavours!


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