22-05-23: ‘If in doubt…ask a policeman!’

So… the book is getting its final read through before I sign off on the text. Better late that never, I think…I finally asked a retired Detective Inspector to read the book and give me feedback, good or bad, on the police content. Does it make sense? Is it a load of rubbish? (Jeez I hope he doesn’t tell me that!) and most importantly, what do I need to change to make it plausible.

I myself have read all but the last 30 pages, the ex-D.I. has just started and my original BETA reader is somewhere along the review journey. My final BETA reader, who was not involved in the initial process has disappeared and is not responding to my requests for an update on progress.

This might be because he can’t actually read. Or is overawed by the brilliance of the work. Or he’s off trying to plagiarise it with some dodgy puiblisher and pass it off as his own.. I hope he can (first one). I hope he is, but unlikely (second one). He better not be(last one)!

Or…he could just be really busy…

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