21-05-22: Research

It can be a very lonely life when you are a new author. The family are getting on with their daily life. You however have suspended all of that to pursue the writing dream. You have the ideas, hopefully, and the ability to actually…y’know… .write but there is so much more.

One thing I found out once I started the book is the amount of research needed. I have been fortunate that my worldwide connections have been able to supply or confirm what I have written regarding locations but a lot more checking of detail has been required.

As a new author, as yet unestablished I don’t have the luxury of an assistant or a support team. I am not collaborating with anyone (yet – I am available for that Mr. Patterson!) so all the research workload falls to me.

I’m not complaining, but before I started on the manuscript, I did not realise the depth of this requirement.

I do, now!

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