11-7-24: Why I have not been online….

So…some may have noticed I have not posted for a month. I have not stopped or given up. I have been seriously ill with a bad bacterial infection. It really laid me up and I STILL have not recovered. 3 hospital visits and a ton of powerful meds and I have turned the corner but still there is some way to go.

It also slowed the book writing down. Today is the first day I have felt strong enough to do anything on the manuscript. I have been adding in all the useful BETA reader comments to update everything.

I have also now, finally got a great way to complete murder no. 9 hehe sounds so sinister, right!? I will therefore be writing that chapter next.

Two more murders to complete and then the first of my massive ‘whole book’ edits and revisions.

That’s in the future but for now…I’m recovering slowly and will try to resume more regular posts here now that I am more mobile and not flat out in bed.

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