10-03-23: Murder, he wrote…

So…been a while, because I have been on ‘n’ off with the book and also side-tracked by many distractions!

I had a school graduation photo assignment to cover, and I spent far too long developing a horse racing predictor spreadsheet. It’s actually returning way, way above average predictions at the moment and it’s still got to be refined. Lets see…if I dont make it as an author I can fall back on being a professional gambler! haha…now that could be a great storyline…

Anyway, after a slow start to the book, in the main because it’s taking so long to develop the outline, I am sitting down to write the first murder. 650 words so far and that’s just the lead up to the event, which takes place in… Switzerland!

If I tell you that the murder count in this book runs into double figures, you can see I have a lot of research to do. Later, when I am rich and famous from the first book, I will employ an assistant to do that research, while I get on with the book-writing, but for now… I have to do it myself!
If you check out my Instagram feed (and why aren’t you subscribed to it, yet!!?) you can see a screenshot of the actual word document containing some of the words in that section of the chapter.
Oh…can you guess how the murder will take place? The victim is an elderly old man living alone, but with house staff, in a remote location, overlooking a lake. The perpetrator has never met the man.
Let me know what you think in the comments section. Happy sleuthing!

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