02-03-23: Graduation break…

Its been a bit of an on-and-off number of days since my last post. I think all writers experience this – the feeling that one ought to be ‘writing’ and yet there is no inclination to switch on the PC and actually do it!! I have written, maybe another 1,000 words only. I am still juggling the outline but the feeling that I should be producing more words, sentences and paragraphs forces me reluctantly back to the keyboard.

Then there are the distractions.

‘The garden needs tidying.’
‘Time to cut the grass…’
‘It’s very dry…we need to water!’
‘Can we burn all that garden waste?’
‘Did you plant those Latest purchases!?’
‘We need shopping’
Let’s go to the market, etc etc etc

Today’s distraction was the daughter 2 (TH) graduation. Well, it’s not a Uni graduation but all the pomp and ceremony was there as if it was. Mortar boards, gowns, flowers, gifts, a social gathering, speeches and presentations, and a lot of sitting round for those not participating! Anyway, it all went very well and we have around 150 photos to capture the morning.

Now she’s off for 6 weeks or so, so I am guessing there will be yet another distraction…
‘Can we go to the beach!?’

3 thoughts on “02-03-23: Graduation break…”

  1. Good evening handsome! Wow! this is exciting! I can’t wait to see the approved book cover! Nice that you also continue with your photgraphy! good luck! WoodGirl

  2. How do you find the time for photography on top of writing? lol spare time should be devoted to…more writing!

  3. Vincent Opido

    I like that you have a life outside writing. Thanks for sharing this. Good luck with the forthcoming book, and best of luck with your photography, too.
    When do you think the book will be ‘out’?

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