09-10-23: Why do you want a murder for…?

Because the storyline calls for a lot of murders, and this one, number four, is the next one to be developed. It fits neatly between the one I just completed, number three and the one to come after…number five!!

While I wait for the book cover to be finalised, I am on with book 2. The cover is ‘in the queue’ with the publisher and they tell me it will be completed very shortly. After it is, there is nothing else left to do with the book apart from ..err…sell it!

‘The Help’ is coming along nicely despite the massive amounts of research required and I am now at about 24,000 words. I am writing it in a modular fashion, with each murder a standalone ‘project’ which will be pulled together with all the link texts that form the base storyline. As I previously mentioned, the ending is 100% completed. All my editing, chopping out and re-writing etc all finished. It’s a really good ending, and the revelations will let the reader understand some of the earlier story elements.

There have been some distractions recently, and one major, sad family event which provided a break from that research. More on that event in the next post.

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