02-09-23: Once again…suddenly…nothing happened!

OK we have been here before. The waiting. The wondering. The ‘it’s out of my hands’ with the book cover design. I passed my comment and now… silence. Hopefully, something will come back before too long!

That’s ‘JASON’ but that’s not my only book. I have been working a lot on ‘The Help’ and finally things are starting to take shape in the madness of research, murders, the order of things, naming my characters etc etc… I told before that I had written a couple of the murders. Now I have all but completed no.3, out of, wait for it…Eleven!! The trick, as with JASON is to make them plausible. There is no fantasy in my books – it’s gritty realism all the way..

What I have now 99% completed is the ending. It’s an epic all on its own but it ties up the end of the story nicely, whilst ‘leaving the door open a crack’ for DI Tonnick to come back into this story in a later book (this was always the plan). There was so much airfield research both in the UK and abroad for this part of the book. Add in the different language and delay in response due to them doing their, y’know…’day jobs’ n’all and time goes on. I have completed over 20,000 edited words now and counting!

Anyway, this month I am going to start on the start – the book beginning. I have been putting it off in truth but now is the time to lay out the start of this epic tale.
Wish me luck!

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