14-02-23: Happy Hearts day!

Greetings to Valentines, everywhere. If only I wrote romance novels!!

It’s not easy to have a romantic element in the manuscript when one protagonist is killing folks and the other is trying to catch him. Ahh well…

I was speaking on Twitter last week about writing in more than one genre. Someone asked if anyone had considered it and I answered. I also thought it would be interesting to write for more than one age-group. Imagine…a whole series of books featuring Graham Tonnick, from when he was an infant school student, through his teens and early 20’s, all the way to him now as a Detective Inspector.

It would be a mighty challenge. Imagine too, a spin-off for his romance and engagement with Gemma.

It could be done, but the question is…could I do it!?

Its worth thinking about, anyway.

What do you all think? Could it be an interesting project to tell more of his life, and not just the here-and-now detective caseload?

2 thoughts on “14-02-23: Happy Hearts day!”

  1. Ree. Chatte.

    I like the mix of book stuff and real life!! Keeps it interesting as we get to know a little bit more about you, the author!!


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