11-04-24: Work on The Help continues (but then, it stopped…).

So last month, I told you that I got to 55,000 words on The Help. I’m fairly happy with that, and I have a lot more in my head that needs to be ‘got down’ on the pages of my Work-in-Progress (WiP). The story is developing exactly as I hoped, and with 5 murder incidents in the bag, so to speak, I am about halfway on the total body count!

The next incident will feature more than one death, and I am pondering/weighing up the most plausible, dramatic and, for me the most important…believable way it will happen. This led to a halt in the writing as I researched various options and the factual content that went with them. yes…the writing stopped, at just about 60,000 words were completed.

I have not written anything for 10 days. No…not ‘writer’s block’. I know what I want to write but I’m still finalising how the deed will be done. As I have said before…there is a life outside writing and I have been catching up with some of those things while I have this lull in the proceedings.

I actually think it’s quite healthy to completely stop every so often. re-set the batteries. Live real life. enjoy new experiences away from the office and the screen. come back in a clear frame of mind to continue the story.

Anyway, I have the method of death, now.

Writing will be resumed!

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