01-01-23: Happy New Year – will this be the year!?

Of course, not much is happening with the Publisher. They are all on the Christmas break, back on January 3rd.

When you want something over this time, it seems like the wait is forever! I remember being on the other side of the fence, though – enjoying the long Christmas and New Year break which could easily be 10 days. I emailed them, anyway with some marketing suggestions.

Of course this gives me the opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the best things for 2023. This could be a life-changing year for me if the book really takes off. Lets see…

I am using the time to work on that book outline, which is taking far longer than i imagined it would. With the twists in the story, it has to be just right or the tale will lose something. I have put all thoughts of actually writing anything on the back-burner for now!

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